4 Apps a Youtuber Must Have

YouTuber apps
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Youtube has seen a massive increase in the number of its creators and which is clear from the new policies regarding Monetization of the videos on your channel. We have compiled together a list of 5 Apps a Youtuber Must Have, which you should check out if you are a creator and have a YouTube channel because these apps will help you big time.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the first app that you need to be able to control your channel and check how it is doing at any given day. The YouTube Studio app is very useful if you like to keep an eye on the comments that are being posted on your channel and you do not want other people to spam your comment section, you can do all that using the YouTube Studio app. Continue reading

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4 Q&A Apps for android 2018

Q&A apps
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Q&A apps are a must have for all those people who google everything whenever they find themselves in trouble or can not figure out a way to deal with any current situation because someone, somewhere must have encountered the same problem and you can take help from the people on the internet if it makes your life easier so here is the list of 4 Q&A Apps for android 2018 that you need to have on your android smart phone.


Quora is a platform where you can share answers and get answers for your questions and it is one of the most popular Q&A apps in the world and all over the internet. Quora is often the first link on Google whenever you type in a question and it is helping millions of people worldwide to get answers to their questions and it is often very accurate. Continue reading

5 work apps on Android 2018

office apps
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Your Android device is the mini computer that you carry all the time which you often used to do your official work and now you can manage it better using the 5 work apps on Android 2018 if you are concerned about work all the time.


Google sheets let you make Excel documents and everything related very easily and conveniently on your Android device. As the smart phones are getting bigger and more powerful, you can also make an Excel document from scratch and make it presentable using only your phone to do it. All the documents that you make or edit using the sheets app on your phone will be updated on all of your devices that have this app if you have turned on the sync. Continue reading

Tutuapp iOS 10.0.1

TutuAppDownload all the apps you need for your Android smartphone from the tutuapp app store for free and save all the money you spend on apps. TutuApp store is one of the leading third party app stores for Android devices right now and it is one of the simplest third party at stores that you can download on your phone for free. There is no subscription fee to use the tutuapp app store to download apps on your phone and the app itself is free as well. This third party App Store is leading its category because of all the great features that this third party app store has.

You are not required to make any changes in the operating system of your Android device how to download and install the tutuapp app store. You can also download games for free using this app store on your phone, even the paid ones. You can also transfer the downloaded apps to other Android devices and the apps are cross compatible with other versions of Android so you do not have to download the app all over again on the other device.

Continue reading

4 Home Workout Apps you should Try

4 Home Workout Apps you should Try
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Eating healthy food is crustal to have a fit physique and good health is very important in every aspect of our lives. Most of the working class people want to stay in shape but struggle to take out the time to go to the gym or a fitness centre and so they do not exercise at all and if that is the case with you then you need to see our list of 4 Home Workout Apps you should Try on your android device.


Freeletics is an app which helps you get a great workout at your home or any open space. You do not need any sort of equipment perform the exercises listed in the app. You will only need minimal equipments when you reach the advance level of strength according to the level of the workouts. Continue reading

4 Apps to Download Free Movies on Android 2017

4 Apps to Download Free Movies on Android 2017
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We all love watching movies and this year has been one of the most interesting in terms of all the movies released but this hobby can get expensive very quick as the movies you download have a price tag on them and you have to rent or buy the movie in order to even stream on your phone. However, there are some apps which allow you to stream any movie you want and also download them on your phone, check out our list of 4 Apps to Download Free Movies on Android 2017.


Showbox is one of the most popular entertainment apps for android and rightly so because it has one of the biggest and most interesting movie collections out there. You can stream any movie on this app for free and also download them on your device for free of cost. Continue reading

3 Apps to Discover Good Music on your Android

Music Apps
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If you listen to music then you may know the moment when you want to listen to some good music but do not want to play any song you have already heard, if you find yourself in this situation a lot then just take a look at the below given list of 3 Apps to Discover Good Music on your Android which you can use to stream good music related to your taste. Continue reading

Top 3 Internet Speed Meters

Internet Speed Meters
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Now is the era of high speed internet and the majority of people have access to high speed internet one way or another. In this day and age, the price of data varies greatly and some places have it very awful because the price per GB is very high and they have to moderate the use of the internet every day. Here are the Top 3 Internet Speed Meters that you need on your android device to keep track of the data you are using and the speed of your connection. Continue reading

4 Apps a YouTuber Must Have

YouTuber apps
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YouTube is on its full speed expansion right now and almost the whole world knows about it and as a result we have seen massive increase in the number of YouTubers as well. Every YouTuber is unique and they all work very hard and have a daily job to do as a YouTuber and that is why we have compiled together a list of 4 Apps a YouTuber Must Have on their android phone.


This is the most obvious app to keep in your arsenal, YouTube is your workspace so it makes since if you have the YouTube in your phone. The good thing is that the YouTube app comes preloaded in all android smart phones right now so you do to have to download it but you do have to sign in with your account on the YouTube app on your phone. Continue reading

5 Apps for Teenagers Android 2017

apps for teenagers
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Teenagers spend most of their time looking at their smart phones and if you are one of them, we have a present for you. We have compiled together a list of 5 Apps for Teenagers Android 2017 that you should try out, they are fun and some of them will help you interact with new people.


Sarahah is one of the most popular anonymous messaging app. You can create your own username on the app when you make a new account and post a link to your Sarahah inbox on your Instagram or any other social media account. People can anonymously message you in your Sarahah inbox so you can know what they are thinking about you. Continue reading