5 Apps for Teenagers Android 2017

apps for teenagers
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Teenagers spend most of their time looking at their smart phones and if you are one of them, we have a present for you. We have compiled together a list of 5 Apps for Teenagers Android 2017 that you should try out, they are fun and some of them will help you interact with new people.


Sarahah is one of the most popular anonymous messaging app. You can create your own username on the app when you make a new account and post a link to your Sarahah inbox on your Instagram or any other social media account. People can anonymously message you in your Sarahah inbox so you can know what they are thinking about you. Continue reading

Top 4 Navigation Apps for Android 2017

Navigation apps
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Navigation apps are a must in today’s day and age because every person travels a lot and they need to see the correct directions to their destination without having to ask anyone on the way. Check out our list of Top 4 Navigation Apps for Android 2017 if you want to know the best navigation apps that you can install on your android device.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most reliable online map app in the world and it is available on almost all devices. The app has all the features that you might need to locate any address, it has the most users in the world as the app is made by Google and comes preinstalled on all android devices. It is very useful when you do not speak the common tongue and want to get to your destination quickly. Continue reading

4 Apps to Expand your Vocabulary

4 Apps to Expand your Vocabulary
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In today’s day and age people usually only talk to their friends and acquaintances through text messages. When you talk via text on a regular and frequent basis then your vocabulary tends to suffer a lot because you are more likely to use the same set of words over and over again because text messages are usually very short consisting of only a few words at a time and total disregard for grammar.

We have compiled together a list of 4 Apps to Expand your Vocabulary that you can use on your android device to help you retain or even improve your vocabulary by a significant margin. Continue reading

3 Best Sword Fight Games on Android

Sword Fight games
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Sword Fight games have a different kind of thrill attached to them, and if they have great graphics then it takes the game to a whole another level. In the month of festivals, we have brought you the list of 3 Best Sword Fight Games on Android that you must download right now if you love playing sword games on your phone because each one of these games is epic and you will not regret playing them.

Shadow Fight 3

Continuing the legacy of great action and fight games, the third edition to the Shadow Fight series is a completely new game with some of the most amazing in game characters. The game is now bigger and better in every aspect and you get such great looking graphics which will take your breath away. Shadow Fight has great sword fights between different characters and sometimes the sword is made up of wood! Continue reading

4 Trending Games for Android Right Now

Games for Android
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Check out the 4 Trending Games for Android Right Now that you should try out. The trending games and apps on the play store are always a delight to play or use because most of the times they are different than other apps that you have used or other games that you have played.

Street Gangster

In the Street Gangster game, you have to make a gang for yourself by selecting the meanest gangsters out there and seeing which of the people can make the best gang to be on the top in all battles. You just have to make the gang and they will fight and see who the winner is. Continue reading

3 Apps to help you Take Better Photos with Android

travel apps

We use the smart phones we carry with ourselves at all times for all sorts of things every day, like making calls, texting, watching videos and also as a camera. As the newer versions of all phones are released, we are seeing a significant bump in the camera performance in all phones. Let’s take a look at the 3 Apps that will help you Take Better Photos with your Android device. Continue reading

5 Best Social Games for Android 2017

social games
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Most android users game a lot on their android devices and as the newer devices get more and more powerful with time, the games on these devices also get more powerful and entertaining. Most of the games that are popular among android users have a social feature where they either play with other people online or they have some kind of social interaction which is very good when you are playing a game. Check out our list of 5 Best Social Games for Android 2017.


This is a very basic but very exciting game to play on your android device and also it is a lot of fun. In this game you draw a scribble on your screen and the other player has to guess what the object is that you draw. Continue reading

Top 4 Most entertaining Apps according to Play Store in 2017

apps for elderly
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2017 was a long year and many of us consider it to be one of the weirdest but same can not be said about the new apps we got to see this year on our android devices. Play store has created a list of apps which were the best in their categories and have been the most popular throughout the last year. Let’s check out the list of Top 4 Most entertaining Apps according to Play Store in 2017.

PicsArt Animator: Gif & Video

Most android users are familiar with the PicsArt app, one of the best image editing apps out there for all android devices which is also free to be downloaded and used. The new PicsArt Animator is even more fun because it lets you create Gifs and small videos out of any normal video or you can also use the camera to make your own unique GIF and share it with your friends. Continue reading

4 Best cryptocurrency apps to buy Bitcoin with Android

cryptocurrency apps
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If you watch the news, you might have heard about Bitcoins and how they climbed the value of 10,000 dollars for the first time in history. The world is going gaga over these cryptocurrency that you can buy on your phone and sell at will when the time is right. Let’s check out the 4 Best cryptocurrency apps to buy Bitcoin with Android that you should have if you want to mine bitcoins.

Bitcoin Checker

It is one of the most popular apps for any new buyer who wants to invest a small sum in bitcoins in order to make some profits. Bitcoin Checker is very simple but you will need to set it up first which can take a bit of time. The app will make sure you are a legal person and the activities are not suspicious. You can buy or sell small investments using the Bitcoin Checker app on your phone. Continue reading

Top 4 Science Apps for Android 2017

science apps
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The majority of science students worldwide use some sort of technology in their everyday life and most of them have android smart phones with them at all times. As we all know smart phones can help out a lot when you most need it and that is why we have compiled together our list of Top 4 Science Apps for Android 2017. Android has a lot of great apps that you can use on your smart phone which will help you out with your studies.

Periodic Table

Any science student will tell you that Periodic Table is one of the most important things in Chemistry and you can not memories the characteristics of each and every element and that is why the Periodic Table app will help you review any element whenever you want and it is extremely useful while doing homework. Continue reading